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Your work deserves attention

If your website is outdated or hard to navigate, your business won't be noticed.

I love helping business owners create beautiful and effective websites that speak directly to their audience. When your audience resonates and feels connected with your work, selling is easy.

Explore my process and packages below, then book a call to get started!

Squarespace website design and branding for small businesses and personal brands

With a website that matches the quality of your work, you will:

Effortlessly attract clients by speaking to them directly through your branding and content
Have more time to do what you love, by letting your website market to and magnetize your audience for you
Scale your business operations by automating the way your clients can book your services
Feel excited and confident in sharing and promoting your online presence
Ready for your work to get attention?

I build websites so you don't have to.

getting your website with me in a month is a simple process:


We'll strategize a plan for your website over a 1 hour video call. We'll clarify your audience, align your business goals with your website functionality, and map out your website pages.

Next, we'll clarify your branding and establish your website's creative direction, which will inform your content and imagery.


You'll have a week to write or edit your website copy and gather your website's imagery.

This is the time to do a brand photoshoot based on the branding and creative direction.

Your completed content and imagery is needed before the next phase of the project begins.

WEEKS 3 + 4

I’ll build you a website based on the branding, creative direction, content, and imagery.

We'll be in touch over email and video call as needed as I build your website.

You'll have the opportunity for 2 rounds of feedback and revisions which you'll have 2 business days to provide.


Finally, your new website is live!

I’ll record a walkthrough of how to make copy and image edits, and how to add a new page or section to your website yourself.

I provide email support after your website launches, based on your website package.

Don’t want to make updates yourself? You can book me by the hour to help with your website.

Website Design Packages

Create a simple and compelling website that amplifies your unique value and speaks directly to your audience, so that they feel like it's made just for them.
Work with me and get 20% off Squarespace for your first year!
squarespace web design for small businesses

All packages include:

Creative direction
Brand colors & fonts
SEO & keyword research

Pop-up newsletter marketing

Social media integration
Online project portal
Post-launch support
Device optimization
Domain setup
SSL security
Website analytics
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Packages & Rates

squarespace web designer california


Starting at
basics for your business
  • Up to 5 pages included
  • Branding
  • Creative direction
    Keyword SEO
    Email newsletter sign up
    Pop-up marketing
    Legal pages
    (Privacy Policy, T&C's, etc.)
    20% off your first year of Squarespace
  • 1 week post-launch support
squarespace web design services and branding packages


Starting at
for businesses that need it all
  • Up to 9 pages included
    Creative direction
    Optimized SEO
    Email newsletter sign up
    Pop-up marketing
    Legal pages
    (Privacy Policy, T&C's, etc.)
    Blog setup (includes 3 posts)
    In-depth device optimization
    Custom coded design
    20% off your first year of Squarespace
    3 weeks post-launch support
Let's get started


squarespace web designer and branding services
Need something added-on? I can also help with:

• Landing pages for marketing specific programs, courses, or services
• Acuity scheduling with payment processing and intake forms
• Email newsletter configuration, template design, automations, and sign ups
• Lead Magnet (freebie) setup to grow your email list
• eCommerce storefront for selling digital or physical products
• Social media reference landing pages (similar to Linktree)
• Blog setup, formatting, and design

Need something else added-on? Let me know!

Hourly Help

squarespace web design for small businesses and personal brands
Need help with your current website? Save yourself hours of time and frustration by hiring me to help complete your website to-do list. I can either do the work for you, or teach you how to do it yourself by screensharing and talking over a video call.

Available in 1-hour blocks at $100/hr.

In addition to the add-on's listed above, other things I can help with are:

• Updating or adding pages, sections, content, and images
• Blog creation, maintenance, and SEO optimization
• Fixing broken links and creating URL redirects
• SEO optimization
• Creating a custom domain email address
• Audit to improve your website's design and functionality
• Training to help you manage and edit your website yourself
• General support with websites, domains, and email newsletters







Good branding makes it easy for your audience to choose YOU! Branding is what drives success and differentiates one business from another.

A well-designed brand creates an experience, cultivates community, and serves as a strong foundation from which your business will grow and succeed. Essentially, your brand is the personality of your business, and a promise to your audience.

Whether you have a sense of your branding or not, I’ll help guide you in clarifying your brand: what your brand says, what your values are, how you communicate with your audience, and what you want people to feel when they interact with your business.

We'll develop clear and concise branding and use it as a roadmap for your site's creative direction; resulting in a quality website that speaks directly to your audience, they'll think it was made just for them!

Web Design

Custom branded designs

Squarespace & Webflow

Search engine optimization

Responsive designs

Add-on's available

When your website is high quality like the services you offer, it will naturally magnetize your audience. With a better website, selling becomes easy.

I build simple and compelling websites that spotlight your unique value and speak to your audience.

With my guidance and structure, creating a quality website is simple and straightforward.

By working with me, I ensure that you'll receive a website that looks beautiful, functions smoothly, and at the end of the day is easy to update yourself.

Need a specific functionality outside of what's included in my packages? Let me know and we can add it on!

Don’t want to make updates yourself? You can always book me in the future for as little as an hour to help with your website.



Keyword research




SEO is all about making it easy for search engine algorithms to rank your business above others.

Part of the website design process is helping your audience find you easier.

SEO is important because it helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field and drives traffic to your website, while also helping you organically promote your business for free.


Automatically adapts

Meets your audience

Provides quality experience

Looks great on all devices

Boosts SEO & reach

Responsiveness ensures your website looks amazing and works well on any device and screen size. Essential for any modern website's success, responsive websites instantly adapt to serve your audience.

In simple terms, responsive websites provide a smoother user experience, increase your website traffic, heighten conversion rates, encourage social media sharing, and improve your search engine ranking and organic reach.